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There are 2 types of permissions.

  • globeadmin
  • Other Users

  • globeadmin

This is the login username for all developers working with-in this database and allows them access to running and changing all Reports and PHP Code along with editing all Forms and Objects that are not part of the underlying nuBuilder system. The password for globeadmin (along with other database information) is stored in the file called config.php. in the root of your nuBuilder server install

  • Other Users

Permissions for all other users are defined using the Access Level, User Group and Users Table.

Access Level

An Access Level defines Forms, Reports and PHP Code that can be used by a User Group.

An Access Level can also be used to define which objects a particular group of users can see using Display Conditions and Hash Variables.

Access Description.PNG

Description Tab


The name of this Access Level e.g. Read-Only, No-Delete, Full-Access.


A small description for context e.g. "Only able to read and print forms" or "Full admin access".

Home Page

This is the default form that Users in this group will use as a home page e.g. Index, Main, Invoices.

Access to Forms, Reports and PHP Code must be explicitly stated. By default, there is no access to any Forms, Reports or PHP Code objects

Forms Tab

Forms in which this Access Level is able to view/edit

Access Forms.PNG

We are able to force forms to disable certain buttons to provide Read Only access, or different levels of access.

There are remove Buttons for.. Add, Save, Delete, Clone, New and Print.

Reports Tab

Contains a list of Reports this Access Level has access to.

Access Reports.PNG


This tab contains a list of the PHP Code objects that this Access Level is able to use

Access Procedures.PNG

User Group



A name for the User Group we are creating.

e.g. Admins, Guests, Farm Admins


Small Description for the Group

e.g. "Admins with full access" or "Guests - Farm Product viewing"

Access Level

Select an Access Level for this User Group

e.g. "Read-only", "Admin", "Limited to Farming Data"




The displayed name of the user.

e.g. John Smith


The email address of the user.


User Name

The name of the user, which is used to login.

e.g. JSmith

New Password

The new login password for the user.

e.g. ************

Remains blank unless being changed

Retype New Password

Confirm change of password field.

e.g. ************

Must match New Password if Password is being changed

User Group

The User Group that this user will reside in, also determines what sort of access privileges this user will have.

e.g. Admins, Farmers, Guests