Recommended Table Structure

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Following is an example of the recommended table structure for nuBuilderPro.


nuBuilderPro requires the use of a Primary Key (PK) for each table.

It is suggested that the PK be the name of the table followed by an underscore (_) and the letters id.

e.g. person_id

We suggest the PK should be a varchar(25), as it will automatically be populated by nuBuilderPro using a nuBuilder function called nuID() (when filled out as below), unless the PK is an auto-incrementing number.

If a varchar(25) is used for the PK instead of a number it allows for better use of certain hash variables such as #nu_browse_filter#.

It is also suggested that Unique Indexes not be used, allowing nuBuilderPro's validating rules to check for duplicates.

This is because of the way nuBuilderPro implements checking for PK types.