Rearranging Objects

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(Drag Drop Style)


nuBuilderPro makes it easy for developers to rearrange Objects on a Tab.

By clicking the 4 arrowed icon in the right hand bottom of the Edit For Screen, a dialog box will appear on the Left of the browser window.

To rearrange an Object or Objects they first must be highlighted red.

This can be done either by selecting the Object from the list in the dialog or clicking in the center of the Object.

Selecting more than one can be done by holding the Ctrl Key down while clicking on extra Objects.

To move selected Objects around pixel by pixel, use the arrow keys or drag them with the mouse.

There are a number of options for rearranging positions on the Edit Form.

Move List Up and Move List Down can be used within the dialog list to rearrange the order Objects are tabbed through.

Once all changes are made click the Save Button in the dialog.

(While the 4 arrowed icon remains red, no Objects can be edited and all Action buttons are disabled)