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Using a Browse Form

Using a Browse Form or Lookup Form are for the same reason. To Add or Select a record.


Adding a record

To add a new record simply click the Add Record Button. This will take you to a blank Edit Form.

Selecting a record

Selecting a record that already exists is done by clicking on the record highlighted by your mouse.

As a Browse Form can contain thousands of records the hardest part is usually finding that record, which has been made easy with the help of filtering and sorting.

Once there are too many records to display on a page, the browse form will separate the records into pages of 25 records each (although this option can be changed for each Browse Form).


Sorting records is done by clicking on the title of the Column you wish to sort on. clicking this repeatedly will toggle between Ascending and Descending.


Filtering can be done by entering a word, words, parts of words and a phrase (if surrounded by quotes) in the Search field at the top of the Browse Form and the hitting Enter or clicking Search.

You can also exclude words or phrases by prefixing the word or phrase by a hyphen (-).

This will filter out any rows that don't have the same matching strings. This filter will be applied to all rows where the tick box at the top of the column is clicked.


Using an Edit Form

Records containing many fields can be spead over different Tabs. Giving easy access without scrolling.