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Editing SQL, HTML, PHP and Javascript Textareas.

Double clicking a Textarea designed for entering SQL, HTML, PHP or Javascript will open up that code inside an editor formatted for its syntax.

The editor will be opened in a separate window and copied back to the Textarea once Copy Changes is clicked.


The Tables dropdown provides a list of Tables in the current database along with a list of all the Forms created by the developer.

Selecting a Table will populate the Fields dropdown with a list of fields from that table and populate the Copy/Drag field so that the developer can drag the tablename to a spot in the Ace editor instead of retyping it.

Selecting a field from the Field List will populate the Copy/Drag field ready for using in the same way.

Selecting a Form (prefixed with Form:) will populate the Field dropdown with Objects from that Form, ready to use as Hash Variables in the Editor.

The Snippets/Functions dropdown can be used to populate the Copy/Drag field with useful Snippets or Functions depending on the language being edited.