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*[https://www.nubuilder.com/ nuBuilder Home Page]
*[https://www.nubuilder.com/ nuBuilder Home Page]
*[http://wiki.nubuilder.com/ nuBuilder Documentation]
*[http://wiki.nubuilder.com/ nuBuilder Documentation]
*[http://nubuilder.blogspot.com/ nuBuilder Blog]
*[https://nubuilderforte.blogspot.com/ nuBuilder Blog]
*[https://www.nubuilder.com/videos.php Video Tutorials]
*[https://www.nubuilder.com/videos.php Video Tutorials]

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nuBuilder Forte is the name of version 4/4.5 of nuBuilder.

nuBuilder is an open-source tool used to rapidly develop cloud-based applications.

A nuBuilder database contains all customisation along with generated data, allowing one backup to create a file that holds all data and business logic.

It is available on Github and SourceForge

History of nuBuilder

  • nuBuilder version 1 was first released in early 2009 to a limited number of commercial users.
  • In early 2012 nuBuilder version 2 was released and made open source by nuSoftware.
  • nuBuilder version 3 (also known as nuBuilderPro) was released in January 2014 and is available on GitHub.

nuBuilder Forte

nuBuilder Forte is the 4th version of nuBuilder.

A browser-based tool created by nuSoftware for developing web-based database applications.

nuBuilder uses either MySQL or Maria DB databases and gives its users the ability to do database operations like...

  • Search
  • Create
  • Insert
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete

With low-code tools that...

  • Move and resize objects.
  • Create database queries with the SQL Builder.
  • Create customised date and number formats with the Format Builder.
  • Create calculated fields with the Formula Builder.
  • Create Fast Forms.
  • Create Fast Reports.

Further customisation that can be done with JavaScript and PHP.

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