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Giving User Access

Once you have created your required Forms, Reports and Procedures you will need to give users access to them.

To do this you need to do 2 things

  1. Create an Access Level.
  2. Add a User.

Creating an Access Level


Choose the Form for this Access Level.

When you log in as a developer the first thing you see is the Home Page.

Each Access Level requires a Home Page, which will be its starting point for Users with this Access Level.

This Home Page should be a Launch Form.

The code for the default User Home Page is nuuserhome (the same as User Home on the Setup Tab).


Lookup code for this Access Level


Description of this Access Level


Add Forms that will be available to this Access Level.

Click the checkbox to enable the following on this Form for this Access Level.

  • Add
  • Print
  • Save
  • Clone
  • Delete


Add Reports that will be available to this Access Level.


Add Procedures that will be available to this Access Level.

Adding a User


User's real name


Email address


Select a language with a translation in Translations.

If left blank it will just use the phrases used in nuBuilder (English).

Access Level

Select a previously defined Access Level.

Login Name

nuBuilder Login Name


nuBuilder Login Password

Only used when changing passwords.

Confirm Password

Repeat nuBuilder Login Password

Creating Password Policies

Rules for enforcing Password policies can be created by making a Procedure with a Code of nuCheckPasswordPolicy

If a Procedure exists with this Code, it will be used to validate any Password Changes.

Setting a variable called $check to true will allow the changes to be saved.

Here is an Example Procedure...

  function nuCheckPasswordPolicy() {
     $oldpw    = '#old_password#';
     $newpw    = '#new_password#';
     $passwordErr = "";
     if ($newpw === $oldpw) {
         $passwordErr .= "The provided New Password cannot be the same as the Current Password!
"; } if (strlen($newpw) < 8) { $passwordErr .= "Your Password must contain at least 8 Characters!
"; } if (!preg_match("#[0-9]+#",$newpw)) { $passwordErr .= "Your Password must contain at least 1 Number!
"; } if (!preg_match("#[A-Z]+#",$newpw)) { $passwordErr .= "Your Password must contain at least 1 Capital Letter!
"; } if(!preg_match("#[a-z]+#",$newpw)) { $passwordErr .= "Your Password must contain at least 1 Lowercase Letter!
"; } if(!preg_match('/[\'\/~`\!@#\$%\^&\*\(\)_\-\+=\{\}\[\]\|;:"\<\>,\.\?\\\]/', $newpw)) { $passwordErr .= "Your Password must contain at least 1 Special Character!
"; } if (strlen($passwordErr) > 0) { nuDisplayError ($passwordErr) ; return false; } else { return true; } } $check = nuCheckPasswordPolicy();