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nuBuilder Forte can create PDF Reports from the data stored in its database tables.

There are 3 things needed to create a Report.

  1. An Edit or Launch Form that contains values used by the Report eg From Date and To Date.
  2. A Table containing data to be used by the Report.
  3. A Report designer to create the way this data is displayed.

These Reports will allow the user to do things like...

  • Share information with others.
  • Help make business decisions.
  • Create invoices.
  • Print graphs.

Building a Report


A unique code for this Report


The description of this Report


A field that can be used to help organise Reports.


A Table can be created in 3 different ways.

  1. A single table. - (nuTABLE)
  2. An SQL statement created with the SQL Builder. - (nuSQL)
  3. A PHP Procedure.

A Procedure will only appear in this list if #TABLE_ID# is found somewhere within it.

The point of using a Procedures is to create a temporary table that can be manipulated before it is used by the Report.

(If a nuTABLE or a nuSQL table is chosen, this temporary table is created automatically)

The temp table created must be called #TABLE_ID#.

#TABLE_ID# simply gets replaced by the name of a temporary table, created by nuBuilder, that will be used by the Report.

It works the same way as other Hash Cookies.

  $s  = "
     CONCAT(sta_last_name, ',', sta_initials) AS full_name,
     1 AS player
  nuRunQuery("CREATE TABLE #TABLE_ID# $s");

Launch From

A Launch Form will allow..

  • The user to define the information to be stored in the table that will be used by the report.
  • Run the Report from an Action Button at the top of the Form.

Report Designer

nuBuilder Forte has its own Report Designer.

Running A Report

There are 2 ways to launch a Report.

  1. Click the Run Report Button on the Setup Tab of the Home Form.
  2. Create a Button with a custom click event using nuRunReport().