Naming Conventions

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  • All table names are singular and lowercase
  • All field names are lowercase
  • Delimit each word in table and field name with an underscore (_). eg., grand_total
  • Add a 3 letter lowercase prefix followed by an underscore (_) to each field name
  • Suggested that the PK be the name of the table followed by an underscore (_) and the letters id. eg., person_id
  • Suggested that the PK should be a varchar(25), as it will automatically be populated by nuBuilder using the function called nuID() (when filled out as suggested), unless the PK is an auto-incrementing number
  • If a varchar(25) is used for the PK instead of a number it allows for better use of certain hash cookies such as #nu_browse_filter#
  • Also suggested that Unique Indexes not be used, allowing internal validating rules to check for duplicates. This is because of the way the project implements checking for PK types
  • Foreign Keys (FK) should bear the shortname of the table as a prefix followed by an underscore (_) and then the original parent table's PK it refers to