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Today, 18 January 2022, there are 27 articles available.

What is nuBuilder?

nuBuilder is an Open Source browser-based tool for developing web-based database applications. It is written in PHP/SQL/JavaScript/jQuery.

Components and Capabilities

nuBuilder uses PHP scripting with either MySQL or Maria DB databases and gives its users the ability to do database operations like...

  • Search
  • Create
  • Insert
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete


  • Low-code
  • SQL Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Report Builder
  • User & Permission Management
  • Objects: Forms, Subforms, Charts, Lookup, Images, HTML, Calc, File Upload etc. and other HTML5 types
  • Further customisation that can be done with JavaScript and PHP.

All nuBuilder Forte applications start with a Form...

Latest Version

You can download nuBuilder Forte from Source Forge

Previous versions

  • nuBuilder Forte WordPress plugin from Wordpress. This is no longer supported in newer builds. Its Github repo is now archived.

Which Version should I use?

  • nuBuilder Forte is currently stable at v4.5 which is what all new users are expected to use and is in active development besides being supported
  • Existing users of nuBuilder Forte v4 can easily migrate to v4.5 with some caveats like backup, etc. 98% appear to have gone this way according to the developers
  • Stay in v4 under these situations:
    • Have a resource constraint in not being able / afford to use newer hardware and OS builds necessary for an upgrade
    • Have any extensive application built on a legacy version of nuBuilder and do not expect any of the new features to be useful and / or subscribe to "If it aint broke, don't fix it" dictum
    • You cannot upgrade for any other reason like older versions of OS, server components like MySQL, PHP, Apache, poor hardware, expensive / no technical support, etc
    • Do not want the extra features of v4.5 and the existing application is quite stable
    • Comfort of codebase version familiarity.

Is version 4 still developed?

  • No.
  • v4 is in maintenance mode for now at the Updated Github v4 repo where some essential features are backported and fixes incorporated actively for now.
  • v4 now supports Tamil and Hindi user interface languages with complete translations for a few languages backported from v4.5
  • Do not expect answers in the forum for v4 anymore except when it overlaps with v4.5 issues. Some good souls in the community will ofcourse help but do not take it for granted.