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The Arrange Object Form will allow you to do the following 5 things.

  1. Rearrange Objects' positions.
  2. Resize Objects.
  3. Change their tabbing order.
  4. Move Objects between Tabs.
  5. Realign and space Objects.

The Object Tab Order is a list of Objects that belong to the current Tab selected.

Highlighting an Object here will also select it's Object on the right side of the Form.

Highlighted Objects can be moved in this list to change their..

Tabbing Order

Using the buttons below.

  • Move Up Order.
  • Move Down Order.

Moving and Resizing using buttons

You can also arrange selected Objects using these buttons..

  • Space Vertically.
  • Space Horizontally.

  • Resize to Shortest.
  • Resize to Tallest.
  • Resize to Thinnest.
  • Resize to Widest.

  • Align To Top.
  • Align To Bottom.
  • Align To Left.
  • Align To Right.

Moving and Resizing using mouse and keys

  • Use arrow keys to move selected Objects.
  • Use arrow keys + SHIFT to resize selected Objects.
  • Draw a square around Objects, or click on individual Objects to highlight them.
  • Hold CTRL to add Objects to the current selection.

Moving between Tabs

The Move to Tab will move all selected Objects to the Tab chosen from the list on it's left.


This will save your changes and close the Form.